Tutto Calabria Crushed Hot Calabrian Chili Peppers


TuttoCalabria Peppers represent the essence of Calabria, a region in Southern Italy, where the sunny Mediterranean climate and the naturally rich soil give our chilies an unforgettable taste. Made with Calabrian Chili Peppers, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar. All 100% Italian ingredients sourced. A spicy, fruity, and bright flavour with a hint of smokiness makes these chilies the perfect ally for all your recipes. Stir well before use. Buon appetito! FUN FACT: These Chili peppers are one of the typical Calabrian specialties. They get their earthy, salty, sweet flavor from the rich red clay they grow on the foothills of the Mediterranean Sea. Definitely an authentic Italian tradition that you will enjoy for sure. PRESENTATION: Packed in our customer favorite original 10 oz glass jar. Just the right size for the home refrigerator. Please, refrigerate after opening.

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