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ITEM:    Iranian Osetra Gold Imperial 3.5oz.

Code:    190

$ 612.00


Description: *Iranian Osetra Gold Imperial caviar* The Caspian sea is the most important and major habitat of Sturgeon fish in the world. Some few Sturgeon species live in moderate seas of the northen hemisphere, however, the southern coast of the Caspian Sea provide for exceptional and ideal conditions including appropriate depht of water, moderate temperature, lack of biological and industrial pollutions. This has led to the concentration of Sturgeon fish in the Caspian sea. During the past decades, the Fisheries Co. have made extensive investments to make ecological researches and surveys related to these species, hence contributing to the survival of the Sturgeon fish in the Caspian Sea. Today the research organization has precise and full controll over annual haul of Sturgeon fish in the Caspian sea. Three Sturgeon species known as, Beluga (HUSO HUSO) Asetra (ACIPENSER GULDENSTADII) and Sevruga (ACIPENSER SLELLATUS) constitute major portion of fishing in the Caspian sea. Caviar, taken from Sturgeon fish, is a highly nutritive substance with a high percentage of protein, fat, B12, B6, B2, PP, C, A vitamins, as well as mineral salt. Caviar, this exceptional foodstuff, based on its specific particulars, has a special credibility and plenty of adherents all over the world thus for this reason it is exported to the most parts of the world. Organolectic characteristics: Colour osetra:from black to light brown (almost golden). beluga: from light grey to very dark grey. smell: characteristic. taste typical. Please contact us via email, phone or fax to have all the information you need. The caviar is available only it you order within four days.
Shipping weight:    1,5

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